Pilates – my new craze!


I have recently joined pilates fitness class. To be honest, it was hard at first. I had muscle pain in places that I could never imagine and it would even hurt to laugh out loud. But someone told me to stay with it and it will get better. Now, after having attended five sessions, I am getting the hang of it and my muscles are no longer sore. It is a very good exercise routine to strengthen your core muscles and a good supplement to aerobic and strength training.

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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Interview with Author Yamini Vijendran

Yamini is a software professional who has discovered her passion for writing stories. Let’s chat with Author Yamini Vijendran today.


  • Welcome Yamini. Tell us what inspired you to become a writer?

I am a very emotional person. My uncle and cousins used to tease me, calling me a “tap”, for I used to start shedding tears at the drop of a hat. An emotional scene on TV or a raised voice in an argument, that was enough to get me choking. Somewhere down the line I realized, I was better at putting down all that I meant to say (and all that my tears prevented me from saying) in writing, than voicing them. And that was how I started writing. I wrote to express gratitude, I wrote to express anger, I wrote to express frustration. And eventually, my writing started exploring the world around me too, the people I met, who left an impression on me. I guess that is how I gradually morphed into a writer.

  • I agree, emotion is a big part of writing. Tell us what motivates you to write everyday?

I am a very impulsive writer. I try to do some writing every day, but some days I succeed, some days I don’t. What with a child in tow, some days become very exhausting to even boot up my laptop and think of something to type. However, whenever the inspiration strikes, even if it is at 2 in the morning, you can find me propping up the pillow and furiously typing away. My motivation comes from the complexities of the lives of people around me, both known and unknown. Life is such a beautiful enigma; it never ceases to surprise you. And whenever it does, I try to pen down my amazement into a story, long or short.

  • I am curious about your writing process. How much time do you spend in plotting? Do you outline first?

Yes. For me, I need to know where my story will head to, at least a vague idea. I spend considerable time plotting, trying to imagine my characters by giving them faces. Most of it happens inside my head though, as I cook or work around the house, so when I finally sit in front of the screen, I am all set to let the words flow.

  • How did you come up with the concept of your book? What was the inspiration behind it?

My book is set in a retirement home. I had visited one before I started writing, since my parents were looking to invest in a retirement villa. The place impressed me so much, and it stayed in my mind for so long that it had to be the place where my story would unfold.
We all go through our lives with buried regrets, unfulfilled wishes, and haunting memories, only the magnitude and intensity differing from person to person. For that is how life is, imperfect, yet magnificent in its imperfection. And love, especially first love, is something that never leaves you, no matter how old you grow. Even behind the most complete looking lives, there could lurk the yearning for something lost far behind. That was the thought that metamorphosed into Full Circle.

  • Indeed, a very interesting concept! Which scene in your book is your favorite? Why?

It has to be the scene where Ranjan almost expresses his love for Malini. The setting for the scene, a walk at night, and the chemistry between them both, gave me goose bumps even when I was writing it. I would have loved to be proposed to in such a setting. It was dreamy, and it was the scene I enjoyed writing most.

  • Besides writing, what is your favorite hobby that helps you relax?

I love dancing and listening to melodies, especially Illayaraja.

  • What advice do you have for an aspiring author?

My personal belief is that you should not write just because you want to be called an ‘author’ or want to earn fame or money (all though, those are good too, undeniably). Wait for a really good story to come to you, either through your research or through inspiration, and don’t plunge into writing just to complete a deadline or because ‘all others are bringing out so many books so fast’. Give time for your unique style to develop.

I agree, we should all strive to find our own niche. Good luck with your writing!

Yamini’s Book Links:

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Author Website : http://www.yaminivijendran.wordpress.com
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Twitter : https://twitter.com/saimini

Chat with Author Summerita Rhayne

Author Summerita Rhayne loves to write sensual and emotional romance. Let’s chat with her today to learn about her books and fiction writing in general.


  • Welcome Summerita! Tell us, what inspired you to become a writer?

I would say a big part of the inspiration was reading. Becoming lost in all the different worlds and able to live vicariously all the characters lives and their exciting journeys. I was off spinning stories before I knew it and penning them seemed a natural follow up…

  • How did you come up with the concept of your book? What was the inspiration behind it?

I don’t know how I came upon them but I had these characters in my mind for a long time. A man who is embittered by his divorce and his secretary who’s halfway being in love with him but too proud and introvert to show it. At first in my story, it was an accident he suffered which brought them together but then when I started writing the book, it morphed to a new situation. You have to read the book to see what that is!

  • Which scene in your book is your favorite? Why?

My favorite scene is when he propositions her. He suggests a short term affair which shows how much he is bound by his internal demons because that’s exactly the sort of thing he never would suggest to his PA in usual circumstances. That is a turning point for him. And also for Samara because she must make a decision that is hard for her both ways.

  • You have some interesting characters. Tell us, how do you go about developing characters of your book?

Mostly the story arises in my mind as a situation but of course you cannot go on just by a story idea. It’s only gradually that characters become clearer and that takes a lot of writing and rewriting. I used to fill in character sheets when I started out and they can be really useful. Especially to keep track of their histories. Holly Lisle has this great character designing sheet you can use http://hollylisle.com/the-character-workshop-designing-a-life/

  • Thank you for the great tip on character development! How much research do you do for your books?

Quite an extensive chunk though most of it doesn’t appear in the book. I like to have characters in different professions and places than mine, so research is definitely required! Then it’s a question of the mindset of the character also. If the heroine is a horse trainer for example, I would have to have most of the knowledge a horse trainer is expected to have – at least as far as is relevant in my book. In a book which focuses on emotional struggle of the character, this may not be visible in the book but should not be wrong for the character if you know what I mean.

  • Yes, definitely emotions are a big part of romance books. What do you find most challenging while writing a book?

A book is a challenge all the way but especially difficult for me is fitting in logic to the story. I expect it’s difficult for most writers since right brain which is responsible for creativity hasn’t a clue about logical thinking! It’s a bad speller too. For example I write a scene in which heroine is caught in the rain and forced to propinquity with the hero and I can picture them in the kitchen when she comes for a nightly tea comfort. I can see they are in night gear and write accordingly but can you imagine how difficult it is to work out the reasoning of that? How did they get close to his house to take shelter there? Was it the season for heavy rain? How did she come by the night gear? So, I have my work cut out channeling right brain whimsies to rigid left common sense.

  • Yup, we all balance between right and left brain, I love that part about writing. What advice do you have for an aspiring author?

I think I am still aspiring in some ways to become an author. For what it’s worth, here’s my take on writing. Read voraciously in your favorite genre and start writing in that. Don’t dream too high, don’t have too many expectations from your writing but don’t give up either. Above all, keep your eyes open and trust your instincts. Be prepared to be a marketer as well as author if you’re serious about publishing.

  • Your advice is bang on! Which book are you working on next? Do you want to share a glimpse of it?

I’m currently working on a historical romance. It is set in the Early Middle Ages in India around 600AD. I’ve always found the era of Maharajas and pretty princesses very romantic. In this book the heroine, Rukmani, is the youngest daughter of the Kamboj clan who finds King Deveshwaraya too attractive for her peace of mind. But the problems of monarchy stand between them. Here’s a teaser for you:

Hidden-passionHidden Passion
…when the walls of politics rise high between them, will her passion prevail?….

Rukmani paused, her eyes anxious as he turned away. Was this what love was? Did she love him? Was that why she had come to him, forsaking even the family she had been cocooned in? She only knew she wanted him, more than any other man on earth. And she wasn’t giving up till she had him, even if it was just for a short span of time. Was it lust or love? Or both? Whatever it was, was a heady thing.

Thank you, Aditi, I loved answering your questions.

My pleasure, it was great having you visit my blog!

Summerita’s Book Links:

Amazon.com:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MY2QVRS
Amazon.in:  http://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B00MY2QVRS?*Version*=1&*entries*=0
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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/work/editions/42661854-against-all-rules

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Website: http://www.summeritarhayne.com
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Meet Author Sundari Venkatraman

Today, I am interviewing author Sundari Venkatraman. She has a passion for reading and writing, let’s get to know her better.


  • Welcome Sundari! Tell us, how did you come up with the concept of your book? What was the inspiration behind it?
    I was watching a TV serial based on child marriage. Not a regular TV fan, I just happened across this one while browsing channels one day. I was shocked to see child marriage portrayed so casually. The worst part was that the child bride goes to live with her in-laws and becomes a part and parcel of that family. Checking on the internet, I found that child marriages are still quite common in rural India. That’s when I decided that I must write a book on this premise. But I couldn’t just sit back and watch my heroine go to live in her husband’s home at the tender age of eight. That’s how the bridegroom decided to run away giving birth to The Runaway Bridegroom.
  • That’s very interesting. I love the cover as well! Which scene in your book is your favorite? Why?
    How does an author choose a favorite scene from her own book? Tough! But since you ask, there is a dream scene towards the end that seemed so real. I enjoyed the way it fell into place when I wrote it.
  • How do you go about developing characters of your book?
    I don’t develop my characters. I create them and let them loose in my head. I just sit back watching the film before writing out the scenes.
  • That’s instinctive. Tell us, what do you find most appealing about being a writer?
    Playing God! I just love doing that. I can create people and situations that suit my taste absolutely. Does that make me a megalomaniac I wonder!

Thank you, Sundari, for the marketing tip! It was great chatting with you!

Sundari‘s Book Links:

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Blog: http://sundarivenkatraman.blogspot.in/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sundarivenkat


“Love Tango” Giveaway!


I am doing a promotional giveaway of ‘Love Tango’ ebook on Librarything. This is the final book in the Mr. Imperfect series. My stories feature a strong female lead, who is modern, yet rooted in Indian tradition.

I am giving away 1 free copy of this ebook. This giveaway will end on 10/08/2014.

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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Interview with Author Adiana Ray

Author Adiana Ray likes to juggle multiple stories. Lets chat with her today and get to know her more.


  • Adiana, I am curious, you have written a number of short stories. Is it a natural inclination?

I have the habit of working on many different stories at the same time. This unfortunately takes up a lot of time and resources and you do tend to get bogged down with the plot skeins all tangling up. So rather than lose the idea, I convert it into a short story with the thought that it can form the basis of a novel later.

In fact I have written one called ‘The Guardian’ which was published in efiction India Vol. 2, Issue 6. This is the basis of a historical romance that I am writing right now based on Razia Sultan, told through the eyes of her ‘wet nurse’.

  • How did you come up with the concept of your book, Rapid Fall? What was the inspiration behind it?
    I am from Mumbai which is this great big melting pot of people who come from all over the country. I have actually come across many girls like Sonia; young, educated trying to work their way up the corporate ladder in the city. What they lack in exposure, they make up in spunk. That was the starting point for Rapid Fall.
  • That’s very interesting! What do you find most challenging while writing a book?

Writing the fourth to approximately the seventh chapter is where I tend to struggle. I have the idea and also where I would like to take my characters but it is the in between part where the characters are not fully developed and the structure is still quite nebulous that I find challenging. Writers block, bad grammar you name it, I face it.

  • What advice do you have for an aspiring author?

Don’t wait for everything to be just right, just keep writing and fill in the blanks later. If you are writing about something research it thoroughly. One wrong phrase or reference can give the reader a negative opinion and never underestimate the importance of a good editor.

  • I agree, writing is quite instinctive. Besides writing, what is your favorite hobby that helps you relax?

Reading would be a big one, watching TV, going for long walks, playing tennis.

  • Which book are you working on next? Do you want to share a glimpse of it?

Aha! To air the skeletons in my cupboard…my bad habit it to cast a wide net; currently not working on one book but four. Hopefully at least one of them will see the light of day. One is the historical romance that I referred to before. It is the one that I am finding the most exciting but it is going slow as it involves a lot of research plus there are phrases and couplets in Urdu solely due to the period that it is set in. I have given translations but do not want to change the language in those parts as Urdu is such a beautiful language just made for romance.
I am also working on a very woman centric collection of short stories.
Then, a story which is going to carry on where Rapid Fall left off. This time though it will be about Navin who was a secondary character in the previous book.
Lastly, a light breezy contemporary urban romance.

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Love Tango (Cover Reveal)


Today, I am unveiling the cover of my third book (Love Tango) in Mr. Imperfect Series. It will be released soon.

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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Interview with Author Anamika Mishra

Anamika knew at a very young age that she wanted to write and her dreams have come true! Let’s welcome Author Anamika Mishra today and get to know her better.

Too hard to handle

  • Having gone through the journey yourself, what advice do you have for an aspiring author?

For all the aspiring authors, I just have one advice. If they have a plot or story ready, before sending it to the publishers, research for it. Look for the competitors and try making it better. Secondly, they should not loose hope when their manuscript gets rejected. With the faith in their heart and with firm determination, they should try again, until they get success.

  •  Everyone has a favorite author, who’s yours?
    Paulo Coelho
  • Besides writing, what is your favorite hobby that helps you relax?

Traveling and photography! When I am not writing or reading, I am busy in traveling around and trying my hands in photography.

  • I am curious; how much research do you do for your books?

According to me, researching phase is the most important phase in writing a book. Before starting to write my books, I research for at least 2-3 months. And once, I am done with researching on each and every single aspect of my book, I start writing it.

  • What do you find most challenging while writing a book?

Writing a book itself is a challenge, as you try to create something meaningful out of nothing. You just have a word or theme, and you need to weave the whole 50,000 word story from it. Though, I take writing every book as a challenge to me, as I try to set a time-frame and try to complete writing the book within that time-frame only… but I enjoy each and every phase of it, whether it is planning, plotting or writing!

  • Which book are you working on next? Do you want to share a glimpse of it?

At present I am working on my third book!! I am still developing the plot of that book, so it’s kinda really early to share a glimpse of it. But yes, I can share a bit about my second novel (with Jaico Publishers). It is due around November/December . Title of this book is ‘The VoiceMates’!!

  • Do you have any book marketing tip you want to share with your fellow authors?

I am seriously against the aggressive promotion of the book on social media. Promoting your work is good, but aggressive promotion starts bugging the readers and fans. They get bored of the work which usually tends in making them loose their interest in the book. Just promote your work in order to make people around you aware of your work. If they like it, they will surely consider it. But if you will force them to read, they will loose interest in it.

Anamika’s Book Links:

Amazon.com : Paperback, Kindle

Amazon.in : Paperback

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/anamika.mishraa

Twitter: www.twitter.com/anamikawrites



Meet Author Adite Banerjie

I am delighted to interview Adite Banerjie today. Adite has been writing professionally ever since she graduated from college. Let’s talk to her about her latest book.

troublehasanew name

  • Welcome Adite! I am curious about your writing process. Tell us if you outline first? How much time do you spend in plotting? 

Hi Aditi. Thanks for hosting me on your blog. This is the first time that I have an interviewer who shares my name and it feels like I’m talking to myself!

My writing process changes with every project. It depends on the aspect that I find most intriguing or fascinating about my WIP. For instance, when I started writing The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal, I was fascinated with the dilemma of a woman who falls in love with the son of the man she wants to destroy. So I started thinking about who this girl is, what she does for a living, what’s her background, and how she would come into contact with a guy who lives in a world that is completely different from her own. To find some of the answers I started working on the heroine’s character and the plot began to take shape. As a result, I outlined my story very thoroughly before I started writing it.

For my second book, Trouble Has A New Name, I focused mainly on the characterization as the story is set in a wedding and has more to do with the inter-relationships between the characters. So, for this book I didn’t plot the storyline too rigorously.

  • Scenes are where a book comes alive. Which scene in your book is your favorite? Why?

In The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal, I love the scene where Maya and Krish meet each other for the first time and Krish asks her for a dance. It was something that I could visualize in my mind —a glittering party, the lavish ambiance, the sensual moves of a couple doing the tango and sizzling chemistry …all in all a true blue Bollywood cute-meet scene!

As you can guess I’m a big Bollywood fan, and not surprisingly, my favorite scene in Trouble has a New Name is the one featuring Agra Aunty at the sangeet rehearsal.

  • We have more than the name in common, I am a Bollywood fan as well. Tell us about your favorite character in your books?

In The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal, Maya is my favorite. She is passionate and independent, with a core of strength that comes from her emotional trauma. There is also a vulnerability and an innocence to her. When she falls in love with Krish, she struggles to do the right thing for her family. I loved writing her character.

In Trouble Has a New Name, I loved writing Rayna Dutt who is a bundle of contradictions. She is independent and feisty and yet is absolutely paranoid of what people will think about her. She is all professional ramp model one minute and klutz the next… It was fun coming up with the crazy situations that she finds herself in.

  • Besides writing, what is your favorite hobby that helps you relax?

My husband and I are huge movie buffs. Spending an evening watching back to back movies is a great way to unwind. I also love spending time with my dog, Veeroo. He is getting old and is not as active as he used to be but when it comes to amusing antics, Veeroo is an excellent performer!

  • What do you find most challenging while writing a book? For instance, I often find writing the middle part challenging.

Honestly speaking, writing a book is a constant challenge. Cranking up characters that are likeable and engaging, creating a storyline that will hold the interest of readers, making sure the plot works seamlessly…sometimes I wonder why I want to go through that process every time! Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy writing. Just that there are days when it seems to flow beautifully and then there are those when nothing seems to work. So I prefer to take it one day at a time—with fingers firmly crossed!

You certainly are passionate about writing! It was a pleasure talking to you Adite!

Adite’s Book Links:

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Website : http://aditebanerjie.com/
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Goodreads : https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7083664.Adite_Banerjie

Interview with Author Ruchira Khanna

Today I’m welcoming Ruchira Khanna, who is a biochemist by profession and author of Choices.

book cover


  • Welcome Ruchira! Tell us what inspired you to become a writer?

I started getting some time alone, when my  thoughts would give me company. That led to putting my introspection onto paper. Thus, a writer was evolved!

  • Do you write every day? What motivates you to write?

I try to write each day since it helps me vent over the state of affairs around me. Pain, Agony is my motivator. I get goose bumps when I see them around, and unfortunately there is plenty thus, motivating me 24/7.

  • Tell us about your writing process. How did you come up with the concept of your book?

I actually think of a theme first, and then start my plotting. In my book, Choices – Destiny/Fate were some prime words that I wanted to focus upon. With that the characters, and the setting evolved.

  •  Which scene in your book is your favorite? Why?

My favorite scene is right at the beginning of the book when Mateo and Albert are seated in the warden’s office. When both go into silence as they reflect over their past and their turmoil over just a dialogue!

  • Who is your favorite character in your book? Why?

I have two favorite characters in my book. One is Maria who is Mateo’s wife and the other is Amelia, Albert’s wife. Both these women play an important role in shaping the lives of their respective men by their patience, endurance and tenacity thus helping them make a choice in their respective lives!

  • Besides writing, what is your favorite hobby that helps you relax?

I believe in universal energy. Thus, practice it as Reiki.

  • Who is your favorite author?

I have read many authors and surely they all have impacted me in some or the other ways. But, I keep myself up-to-date on recent publications of Deepak Chopra, Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coelho.

  • What advice do you have for an aspiring author?

Just follow your heart! My first book is not perfect, but then at least I have the satisfaction of putting my words across.

  • Do you have any book marketing tip you want to share with your fellow authors?

I am still getting acclimatized by this path. However, I can guarantee that by joining a book review group it will help you learn and market your book at the same time. Thank you The Book Club Group for hosting my Book.

Ruchira’s Book Links:

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7307729.Ruchira_Khanna

Author Interviews – coming soon!


One of my writing goals for 2014 was to network with fellow writers and help them as and when I can. In order to fulfill this goal, I will be hosting author interviews on my blog in the near future. I look forward to a stimulating exchange with fellow authors.

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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