Vintage Cars

Have you ever been to a vintage car show? Have you wondered why people have a passion for these cars and how much time, energy and effort they spend on acquiring and maintaining them? Lets explore this subject a bit and understand the mystery behind it.

Vintage cars are similar to age-old wines, the older it is, the more precious and more expensive it gets. Both the owners of age-old wines and cars are very proud of their possessions. Like they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, only people who have a passion for vintage cars will understand their importance.
If you ever go to such a car show, you will see how bright and shiny these machines are. Their owners proudly are displaying each and every car along with their accessories. The details of the car are maintained to the last digit, for example, the year of the make and the manuals. Their unique engines and trunks are displayed as well. Some of them would have engines at the back and trunk in the front. The tires of these vintage cars are not standard car tires  that we use today. These cars would come in unique colors. Each and every one of the vintage car is a beautiful piece to be admired!
Owners would proudly display the trophies that these cars have collected at different shows. The purpose to acquire and maintain a vintage car is different amongst different people. Some may acquire it from an investment point of view but most people acquire it for the love and passion and perhaps emotion associated with the era that the car was made and used in. They spend their time and energy on maintaining them, displaying these at different car shows and pretty soon these become priceless possessions.

Vintage cars are like a classic piece of art (like the painting of Mona Lisa). They are historic, they are unique, they need to be treasured, maintained, admired and respected.

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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