Rajasthan is keeping the culture alive!

India is a culturally rich country with a very long history and colorful traditions. The sultry state of Rajasthan in India is doing a great job of keeping the culture alive.

With all the modernization and economic growth, sometimes we may not give as much importance to our traditions and cultures. But when we are amidst historical or cultural surroundings, we unknowingly feel this sense of balance within us. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaing the cultural heritage.

State of Rajasthan is very unique to India. With colorful cities such as pink city (Jaipur) and blue city (Jodhpur) to magnificent forts and palaces, there is so much to explore. Amazing native dancers display years long folk dances of the state. You can enjoy camel safaris in the city of Jaisalmer and come close to the mystic sunset glorifying the sand dunes of the state.

City of Udaipur has some beautiful lakes and forts but what is unique are the roof top restaurants built on top of the age old havelis . This is a great example of preserving the heritage yet providing contemporary lifestyle to the tourists. It may be hard to navigate your vehicle in some of the really narrow streets of Rajasthan but that’s where the thrill is!



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