New Orleans – Land of the Mardi Gras

New Orleans also known as NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana) is a complete party town no matter which month of the year you visit.


It is obviously famous for the Mardi Gras, however the town hosts pretty much one or more festivals every month. The state has done a marvelous job of preserving the old architecture in and around the French town and all parties happen on the Bourbon street. Bourbon StreetWe happen to visit the place around St. Patrick’s day and enjoyed the party atmosphere.

This street houses some famous pubs and ironically their famous drink is called “Hurricane”. I would call it the wild thing!

If you are visiting during the Mardi Gras celebration, you are in for a treat. Otherwise, you can still buy your favorite Mardi Gras accessories at the shops all around town. Jazz is big in NOLA. From hotels to street performers to the cruise on the Mississippi river, you will hear jazz for your entertainment.

And if it is a party town, how could we miss a casino? Harrahs casino will keep the gamblers busy. NOLA is also famous for its cuisine and especially Beignets (not to be missed).




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2 thoughts on “New Orleans – Land of the Mardi Gras

  1. Paolo Photographer

    I went to NO, in 2004. I think it’s an incredible city. I’d really like to come back there during a Mardi Gras, just to know how crazy can become its people and to take some good photos too. 🙂


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