Revising your manuscript


When you are done writing your manuscript, you are all excited. You are proud of it and you want to share it with the rest of the world. However, this is not the time to act in haste, instead it is the time to do a good review on the manuscript.

Here are some pointers to consider :

  • Find a reviewer who has complementary skills to yours, they will help you plug holes.
  • Take one aspect of the story and read the entire story keeping that aspect in mind, for example, is your character behaving consistently? Did you use all five senses appropriately? Repeat the process until you have reviewed for all aspects.
  • Are there any unnecessary elements that need to be removed to make the story tight?
  • Is the story too long or too short in any place?
  • Is there any place where the story is under developed in character, action, imagery or theme?

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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