RWA Conference – a snapshot

This was my first year attending the RWA annual conference. Everything was very well organized, right from location (Los Angeles) to venue (Marriott, Anaheim) to the logistics of the conference. I found all the workshops I attended very useful and professionally done. The panel discussions from experienced authors were very informative as well.

My two favorites were ‘Chat with Nora Roberts’ and ‘Luncheon speech by Robyn Carr’. Nora Roberts is a very personable author and fun to chat with. Robyn Carr’s speech was heartwarming and extremely motivating. The combined energy during the conference was great and uplifting. All in all, a rewarding experience!


One thought on “RWA Conference – a snapshot

  1. Sylvia McDaniel

    Hi Aditi,
    This year’s conference was one of the best! I enjoyed Stephanie Laurens, Michael Hauge, Mark Coker and Kristen Lamb. I wish I’d had more time to attend more seminars. Always learn so much.


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