Author’s inspiration

aditi-in-ItalyBefore I started writing fiction, I used to wonder where an author gets her inspiration from. How does the creativity flow in an author’s mind? I still remember before writing my first scene, I gave up at least five times thinking I will never be able to write it. My family encouraged me to start by writing anything that came to mind. I gathered the courage and began.

Now when I think back and analyze the process, it is not that complicated. Once you get in the flow of writing, inspiration comes in front of you from various avenues. Why? – Because your brain is now consciously looking for creative ideas. I remember one idea came to me when I went to get a haircut and was chatting with my hairdresser. I was struggling with a scene and something the hairdresser said removed the writer’s block in my mind.

What I tend to do is when the creative idea comes to mind, I try to write as soon as possible or otherwise make notes such that I don’t forget it. If you are thinking, how do I know if the idea that just came to mind is the one? I think as an author, you know if this is it or not. There is no science to it; it’s mostly based on intuition.

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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One thought on “Author’s inspiration

  1. Michael Wilson

    I really should write down my ideas as soon as i get them, but I’m usually at work and can’t pull out my phone to jot down some quick notes. When I am able to write down my ideas, I often have people who are insistent on talking to me as I type, thus interrupting my train of thought and so the idea is often lost to the ether or distorted so it’s nowhere near as good as what originally popped into my head.


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