Raanjhanaa Movie Review

A couple of days ago, I went and watched Raanjhanaa. This film stars Dhanush (with his Bollywood debut) as the hero, Sonam Kapoor as the heroine, and Abhay Deol had a cameo appearance. Raanjhanaa takes place in Banaras, UP, India. It is filled with a mix of romance, intensity, drama, and the dialogues will make you laugh so much!

The first part of the film was a sweet love story, where a man tried to prove his love to a girl that he liked. The second part evolved beacause of one major issue: religion. In this movie, Dhanush was a Hindu and Sonam was a Muslim. This was part of the reason why they couldn’t be together in the first part of the film.

This movie will leave you thinking about the story throught the whole day. I wouldn’t recommend taking any child under 10 to watch this film, because the story is very intense and it would be hard for them to understand.

I would give this film 41/2 out of 5 stars because the music could have been a bit better. Overall I really enjoyed this film!


Riya Chopra, Movie Enthusiast


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