CholeYesterday I had a party at my house and I made chole (Garbanzo beans) by myself.


Chole, channa masala, salt, water, tomatoes, onions, oil, jeera, tamarind paste (half tea spoon) and coriander leaves.


For best results you will need to soak chole overnight before cooking. Put some oil in the pressure cooker and add jeera. Wait for it to roast, and then add the onions. Let the onions get slightly sauteed, and add the tomatoes. Mix in the channa masala and keep in mind that you will need a lot because this is the only masala that you are putting in the chole. Mix in the tamarind paste and salt. Add chole and water and then close the pressure cooker. Wait 30 minutes and the chole will be done. You can then garnish it with coriander leaves.


Riya Chopra, Food Enthusiast


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