My trip to Cancun

cancunRecently I went to Cancun for my vacation. It was so nice! I stayed in an all inclusive resort, which means that the food, entertainment, and drinks were all included in the price. The resort was called GR Solaris. It was a great resort!!

There was a show every night, and three different restaurant buffet options. The resort also offered a sit down formal dining option. Room service was included in the resort and I took full advantage of it. The variety in the food was impressive.

The first show we watched was a tribute to Michael Jackson. They danced on all of his famous songs. The dancing was very realistic but of course, no one can come close to the real Michael Jackson. 😉

The second show we watched was based on a Mexican theme. In this show, they had traditional dances. The ladies often did some tricks with the scarfs. The guys did some really good dancing too. I liked the men’s dancing better.

Another show we watched in the resort was a circus show. The acts in this show were really nice!! They had some of the best acrobats of Cancun at this show. There was a balancing act, stunts, and a man who could fit into the smallest of spaces.

We also mixed in an hour and half long cruise which was very relaxing. Overall I really enjoyed my trip and I would say that Cancun is one of the best beach vacation spots in the world.


Riya Chopra, Movie Enthusiast


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