The Year 2013

The year 2013 has been an amazing year for me! From strengthening friendships, to getting better grades, to learning to have more fun, this year has been life changing for me.

First off, the party with which I welcomed this year was extremely fun. I moved to Texas a couple of years ago and, as for anyone, it takes time to adjust to living in a new place and meeting new people. This is a skill that is slightly hard for me. But that day, when we entered 2013, that feeling had completely vanished. I felt as if I had been friends with my family friend group since I was little. And that is one of the positive points of this year.

Secondly, I met a couple of new people in my school in 2013. My school friendships have greatly strengthened too. When I first moved here, and up till 2013, I only had a couple of friends, but in the year 2013, I opened up a lot more. I started talking to a lot more people and now, I have many more friends than I ever have before.

This year I also took a fantastic trip to Cancun, Mexico and Panama. In Mexico, it was as if I was living in a fantasy- literally- for 4 days. I stayed in an all-inclusive resort, meaning it was right on a beach, had a pool, and anytime, anywhere, I could order room service, or go downstairs to the buffet or have a smoothie from the beach restaurant. In Panama I stayed in a huge condo and that was super fun too since our friends tagged along.

I also competed in a lot of acting tournaments this year and those were fun too since I competed in them with my friends.

My New Year’s resolution for 2014 would be to eat healthier foods since this year, I did not follow that.


Riya Chopra, Movie Enthusiast


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