Interview with Author Adiana Ray

Author Adiana Ray likes to juggle multiple stories. Lets chat with her today and get to know her more.


  • Adiana, I am curious, you have written a number of short stories. Is it a natural inclination?

I have the habit of working on many different stories at the same time. This unfortunately takes up a lot of time and resources and you do tend to get bogged down with the plot skeins all tangling up. So rather than lose the idea, I convert it into a short story with the thought that it can form the basis of a novel later.

In fact I have written one called ‘The Guardian’ which was published in efiction India Vol. 2, Issue 6. This is the basis of a historical romance that I am writing right now based on Razia Sultan, told through the eyes of her ‘wet nurse’.

  • How did you come up with the concept of your book, Rapid Fall? What was the inspiration behind it?
    I am from Mumbai which is this great big melting pot of people who come from all over the country. I have actually come across many girls like Sonia; young, educated trying to work their way up the corporate ladder in the city. What they lack in exposure, they make up in spunk. That was the starting point for Rapid Fall.
  • That’s very interesting! What do you find most challenging while writing a book?

Writing the fourth to approximately the seventh chapter is where I tend to struggle. I have the idea and also where I would like to take my characters but it is the in between part where the characters are not fully developed and the structure is still quite nebulous that I find challenging. Writers block, bad grammar you name it, I face it.

  • What advice do you have for an aspiring author?

Don’t wait for everything to be just right, just keep writing and fill in the blanks later. If you are writing about something research it thoroughly. One wrong phrase or reference can give the reader a negative opinion and never underestimate the importance of a good editor.

  • I agree, writing is quite instinctive. Besides writing, what is your favorite hobby that helps you relax?

Reading would be a big one, watching TV, going for long walks, playing tennis.

  • Which book are you working on next? Do you want to share a glimpse of it?

Aha! To air the skeletons in my cupboard…my bad habit it to cast a wide net; currently not working on one book but four. Hopefully at least one of them will see the light of day. One is the historical romance that I referred to before. It is the one that I am finding the most exciting but it is going slow as it involves a lot of research plus there are phrases and couplets in Urdu solely due to the period that it is set in. I have given translations but do not want to change the language in those parts as Urdu is such a beautiful language just made for romance.
I am also working on a very woman centric collection of short stories.
Then, a story which is going to carry on where Rapid Fall left off. This time though it will be about Navin who was a secondary character in the previous book.
Lastly, a light breezy contemporary urban romance.

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