Interview with Author Yamini Vijendran

Yamini is a software professional who has discovered her passion for writing stories. Let’s chat with Author Yamini Vijendran today.


  • Welcome Yamini. Tell us what inspired you to become a writer?

I am a very emotional person. My uncle and cousins used to tease me, calling me a “tap”, for I used to start shedding tears at the drop of a hat. An emotional scene on TV or a raised voice in an argument, that was enough to get me choking. Somewhere down the line I realized, I was better at putting down all that I meant to say (and all that my tears prevented me from saying) in writing, than voicing them. And that was how I started writing. I wrote to express gratitude, I wrote to express anger, I wrote to express frustration. And eventually, my writing started exploring the world around me too, the people I met, who left an impression on me. I guess that is how I gradually morphed into a writer.

  • I agree, emotion is a big part of writing. Tell us what motivates you to write everyday?

I am a very impulsive writer. I try to do some writing every day, but some days I succeed, some days I don’t. What with a child in tow, some days become very exhausting to even boot up my laptop and think of something to type. However, whenever the inspiration strikes, even if it is at 2 in the morning, you can find me propping up the pillow and furiously typing away. My motivation comes from the complexities of the lives of people around me, both known and unknown. Life is such a beautiful enigma; it never ceases to surprise you. And whenever it does, I try to pen down my amazement into a story, long or short.

  • I am curious about your writing process. How much time do you spend in plotting? Do you outline first?

Yes. For me, I need to know where my story will head to, at least a vague idea. I spend considerable time plotting, trying to imagine my characters by giving them faces. Most of it happens inside my head though, as I cook or work around the house, so when I finally sit in front of the screen, I am all set to let the words flow.

  • How did you come up with the concept of your book? What was the inspiration behind it?

My book is set in a retirement home. I had visited one before I started writing, since my parents were looking to invest in a retirement villa. The place impressed me so much, and it stayed in my mind for so long that it had to be the place where my story would unfold.
We all go through our lives with buried regrets, unfulfilled wishes, and haunting memories, only the magnitude and intensity differing from person to person. For that is how life is, imperfect, yet magnificent in its imperfection. And love, especially first love, is something that never leaves you, no matter how old you grow. Even behind the most complete looking lives, there could lurk the yearning for something lost far behind. That was the thought that metamorphosed into Full Circle.

  • Indeed, a very interesting concept! Which scene in your book is your favorite? Why?

It has to be the scene where Ranjan almost expresses his love for Malini. The setting for the scene, a walk at night, and the chemistry between them both, gave me goose bumps even when I was writing it. I would have loved to be proposed to in such a setting. It was dreamy, and it was the scene I enjoyed writing most.

  • Besides writing, what is your favorite hobby that helps you relax?

I love dancing and listening to melodies, especially Illayaraja.

  • What advice do you have for an aspiring author?

My personal belief is that you should not write just because you want to be called an ‘author’ or want to earn fame or money (all though, those are good too, undeniably). Wait for a really good story to come to you, either through your research or through inspiration, and don’t plunge into writing just to complete a deadline or because ‘all others are bringing out so many books so fast’. Give time for your unique style to develop.

I agree, we should all strive to find our own niche. Good luck with your writing!

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