Are Secondary Characters Important?

Today, I am hosting Author Shilpa Suraj who has recently published her book, Rescued by Love.


Welcome Shilpa! I love the cover of your book! For our readers, can you shed some light on how important are secondary characters in fiction books?

Imagine a world where you’ve never rolled your eyes at your parent’s advice. A world where you weren’t squabbling with your sibling or sharing confidences with a friend. One without charming two minute conversations with random strangers. A world without all those little interactions with family, friends and even acquaintances that can be both the most aggravating and the most precious parts of your life. That’s what a book without impactful secondary characters is to me.

In my books, my secondary characters give you insight into the protagonists – the way they think, the way they react to situations and most importantly, into the people they are.

Nobody lives in a vacuum and I wouldn’t like my characters to either. In ‘Rescued by Love’ Aryan, the hero Arjun’s younger brother, is the person who lightens the mood and offers unquestioning, uncomplicated support. He’s the voice in Arjun’s head, asking the tough questions, the sometimes unanswerable ones. A fun voice! You’ll see what I mean when you read the short excerpt below:

She’d almost made it to the bar before she found her way blocked. Not by Arjun. Just his better half.
“Can I help you with something?”
A sleek orange dress skimmed the tops of her knees and left her shoulders bare. She was a pretty, angry and slightly tipsy package all rolled into one.
Keen to avoid a scene, Naina continued to smile. “What can I do for you?”
“You can stop making cow eyes at my husband.”
“Fiancée.” Aryan’s slow drawl cut through the little silence that followed her pronouncement as he came to stand behind Naina.
Appreciating Aryan’s support but more than willing to stand up for herself, Naina commented, “I’ve always wondered what that phrase meant. Making cow’s eyes. It doesn’t make much sense, does it?”
“It would if you mooed at the same time.” Aryan offered. Smothering a giggle, Naina asked, “Would you feel better if I did?”
Fury at being mocked by someone she considered beneath her in every possible way had Jahnvi clenching her fingers around her wineglass. “I should have known someone like you wouldn’t be capable of sensible conversation.”

Can you imagine that conversation without Aryan adding his two-bits worth? I certainly can’t and I don’t think any of my readers can either. Which explains why more than half the messages I get are requests for me to write Aryan’s story next!

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6 thoughts on “Are Secondary Characters Important?

  1. aditebanerjie

    Totally agree with Shilpa about how secondary characters can add a little dash of something special to a story. And hey, I’m one of those readers eagerly waiting for Aryan’s story! 🙂

  2. sundarivenkat

    First of all, I love the topic you have chosen Aditi. I also strongly feel secondary characters are very important to a story. I enjoyed reading your answer Shilpa. And YES, I am one of those eagerly looking forward to Aryan as the hero in the near future. 😀


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