Why romance sells!


I was reading an article on different genres of fiction and as we already know romance heads any list! Based on my own experience, I find it easier to sell romantic fiction than other books.

It therefore behooves us to look at why romance sells more than other genres. Here are some factors from my point of view:

  • Romance is inherently positive and instigates a feel-good emotion within the reader. This is a crucial factor in making it the top seller.
  • Whether it is pure romance or erotic, there is a certain rush that the reader feels with the build-up of hero and heroine coming together.
  • If I think as a reader, I may get bored reading romance all the time but after I have taken a break, a light romance always lights up my day!
  • Romance appeals to any age group (especially females) whether they are single, married, young or old, so obviously the target market is huge!

I am sure there are other factors that I haven’t thought of but these should be enough to inspire authors to keep writing more romance!

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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