On Writing Series & Trilogy!

Writing-GuideI have been asked several times during interviews about writing series, so I decided to write a post on it today. I have written both single-titles as well as series and there are pros and cons of writing both. For one, writing a series takes a whole of work ahead of time in planning different books in the series. And from the reader’s perspective, series are often more attractive.

Types of Series

If you are thinking of writing a series, some things to know about are what are the different kinds of series that you can plan. Most obvious one is a trilogy where a story continues on a continuum of three books. Trilogies seem to be very popular among the readers especially if they love the characters and want to keep reading about them more and more.

Other kind of series consists of books with different stories that are connected to each other at an abstract level. I like to call these connected series. You can have as many books in a connected series. I tend to prefer writing connected series over a trilogy. A trilogy has stringent requirements whereas a connected series is more flexible.

One example of link between different books in a connected series is at the character level. For example a main character in one book can be a secondary character in another book in the series. Another example is commonality of setting among different books in a connected series. For instance, you could write several books based on a small town. An underlying emotion or theme between different stories could be a connection as well.

Do’s and Don’ts

Some things to be aware of when writing trilogy or connected series is to not contradict yourself. For example, a character who had dark skin in one book cannot suddenly have lighter skin in another book in the series. It is up to the author and editor to look out for such inconsistencies before publishing.

I would also urge authors to plan ahead how many books they want to publish in a connected series. Write as many as will entice you as an author. As long as you are having fun writing, readers will enjoy them too!

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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