Author Interview with Sujit Banerjee!


  • Welcome to my blog, Sujit! Please tell us, what inspired you to become a writer?

I had stories to tell and I had been collecting them from a very young age. Publishing them was not the idea in the beginning as they were my personal secrets that I had recorded on pages lest I forget them. But eventually, I realised I had a whole body of work over a period of time. Without really realizing I had become a writer!

  • Which scene in your book is your favorite? Why?

Unfair question!!! Each one had hit me equally and it will be impossible for me to choose one!

  • Fair enough! Who is your favorite character in your book? Why?

Hemakshi was one where I had to FEEL like a woman to be able to tell her story. The other was Yasmin Bibi because of how fate destroys her and her son Zayan – the third favourite character.

  • What has been your most rewarding experience as an author?

Being able to get the stories out of my system, my blood.

Well, I’m glad that you decided to publish your stories. Good luck with your book!

Sujit’s Book Links



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