Author Interview with Varsha Dixit!

It is my pleasure to welcome author Varsha Dixit to my blog today! Lets chat with her about her books and writing in general.


  • Welcome Varsha! please tell us what inspired you to become a writer?

The love of story telling. I read somewhere that if there is a story that you want to read and it hasn’t been written then you should write it. So that is basically what I did.

  • How did you come up with the concept of your book? What was the inspiration behind it?

I like reading well written romances or for that matter any story where characters share great chemistry. I thing I was certain of was that if I ever wrote a book, I would give my characters chemistry and lots of sizzle factor.  Also I wanted to write about women friendships because they play such an important role in our lives. Thus came the idea of Right Fit Wrong Shoe, a story of love, friendship with homage to the city I grew in – Kanpur.

  • How much research do you do for your books?

I do considerable story related research. Fiction needs to sound real for it to make a connection with the readers. My research usually centers on places, hotspots, cuisine and historical facts unique to a location where my story unfolds.

  • How do you go about developing characters of your book?

I think my characters develop themselves. I have often found that when I start writing a scene it turns very different from what I had conceived it to be. Thus I feel my characters decide their own story.

  • What has been your most rewarding experience as an author?

The love of my readers.

That’s fantastic! I hope you keep getting love from your readers. Wish you lot of success in writing!

Varsha’s Amazon Author Page :

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