Peach Delights!

My daughter recently informed me that August is the National Peach month and it so happened that in the last couple of weeks, I have tasted two magical peach food products worth talking about. I don’t particularly eat peaches by themselves but I believe peaches add a very unique and subtle flavor in different types of desserts or cookies.




If you happen to be in Savannah, don’t forget to sample Byrd’s Georgia Peach cookies. The subtle taste of these cookies will keep you wanting more. I regret that I bought only one packet…simply delicious!




The other peach delight that I recently discovered was on route to Houston. This is a local store on Highway 45 (exit 198) called Cooper Farms . You can sample their peach ice-cream and I guarantee you that you will not leave the store without buying this fruity, delicious peach ice-cream in one form or another. Get a simple cup or cone or try their floats. Peach ice-cream with cream soda float was extremely refreshing! Their home-made ice cream has cinnamon and bunch of other ingredients that make the taste very unique and keeps you wanting more…Perfect for summer!

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