Movie Review: Dear Zindagi!

Gauri Shinde has done it again! She proved that her direction has merit with English Vinglish and she proves that she has a lot of depth with Dear Zindagi! I am so glad that I watched this profound movie, it warms your heart and makes you proud to see good Indian cinema!

Casting of the movie is perfect! Editing and direction are marvelous and the music doesn’t interfere with story telling, just like it should be!

Shahrukh Khan justifies his character and plays it endearingly, while Alia Bhatt is effortlessly phenomenal! Not even once I felt like I am watching fiction, Alia essays this role so believably that she pulls you along and takes you on a beautiful ride!

Youth will connect a lot with this film but adults will take home a lot more! Experience the magic for yourself…

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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