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Use Social Media for Book Marketing!

Book marketing has always been and continues to be a challenge for authors. Authors would rather spend time writing or creatively thinking about their next book but instead, they find themselves spending a lot of time in promoting their latest book.

There are several avenues to market your book but in today’s digital age, social media tools provide the biggest ROI in my humble opinion. Every author will have to experiment with various social media tools and figure out which ones will get them closer to their audience. Keep in mind that not every social media tool will work for you. For instance, I experimented with a number of tools before I found out that Twitter and LinkedIn gave me the best ROI. I now spend more time on these tools as compared to other social media sites.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is when you are posting on social media, don’t just promote your books. Find innovative ways to engage with your readers as well as fellow authors. It pays to pay attention and be engaged with others.

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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