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Sanju is a Rajkumar Hirani’s masterpiece!

The movie, Sanju, is a beautiful portrayal of human emotions by magician Rajukumar Hirani! Although this movie focuses on dark aspects of Sanjay Dutt’s life, it never feels dark. Only Rajkumar Hirani can pull that off.

The emotion level is up there and there are plenty scenes that will stay with you for days. My favorite is the scene in which Vicky Kaushal‘s character pleads with Paresh Rawal‘s character. Vicky Kaushal was simply outstanding! An actor to look out for!

Ranbir Kapoor is at his best! He is pretty much living Sanjay Dutt’s life during the movie. I didn’t see Ranbit kapoor at all. In every scene, I saw Sanjay Dutt. What an awesome acting job!

All the supporting actors were well casted and did a remarkable job. However, Anushka Sharma stood out amongst them. She looks so lively and apt for the role and plays a pivotal role in telling Sanjay Dutt’s story.

Pretty much everyone who watches the movie will feel at least one strong emotion. There is a lot to feel and a lot to learn. Yet it is a heart touching entertainer!

A must must watch! Don’t miss it!

Aditi Chopra is an author of NRI fiction and non-fiction books.
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