Firangi enhances the Kapil Sharma brand!

This Friday's release Firangi is all you can expect from Kapil Sharma. It is funny, light, entertaining and has a soul. I am a big fan of Kapil Sharma and I am happy to say that his movie doesn't disappoint. On the contrary, it enhances his brand and takes it forward. Kudos to the star... Continue Reading →

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Judwaa 2 entertains!

To be honest, I was quite skeptical when David Dhawan announced Judwaa 2. My thought was why? But after seeing Judwaa 2, I am thinking why not? In retrospect, it was quite a smart move to cash in on the popularity of iconic Judwaa! David Dhawan has cracked the formula for comedy movies and his... Continue Reading →

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Ozark – a promising Netflix show!

If you liked Breaking Bad series, you are also going to like the new Netflix crime drama, titled Ozark. Without revealing the story line, I see a few similarities between Ozark and Breaking Bad in terms of how gripping they both are and the underlying theme of a family man stuck in a life-altering sticky... Continue Reading →

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Chila for breakfast

My daughter doesn't like eggs which rules out quite a number of breakfast items. I was running out of ideas to make healthy & easy breakfast and then I remembered the good old Indian breakfast dish, Chila. Traditionally chila is made with besan (gram flour) but I tried a different version of it and got... Continue Reading →

Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix Special: Emotional & Funny!

Upon my daughter's recommendation, I recently watched Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King on Netflix and simply loved it! I hadn't heard of Hasan Minhaj until the recent White House correspondents dinner when he was trending on social media for his hilarious jokes. Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King is not only hilarious but also quite emotional in places.... Continue Reading →

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Tribute to Manisha Koirala was the best in TKSS!

The Kapil Sharma Show is known for giving tributes to Bollywood stars such as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and others. However, last week's tribute to Manisha Koirala was by far the best! Kudos to Kiku Sharda for pulling that off on her famous song, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha...What a beautiful melody and a... Continue Reading →

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