Chila for breakfast

My daughter doesn't like eggs which rules out quite a number of breakfast items. I was running out of ideas to make healthy & easy breakfast and then I remembered the good old Indian breakfast dish, Chila. Traditionally chila is made with besan (gram flour) but I tried a different version of it and got... Continue Reading →


Delicious Taro Root sabji!

Taro root is pretty hard to peel and cut but the taste is unique and delicious especially when made in this Indian style. I believe that taro root contains a good amount of dietary fiber as well as various minerals but I just like the taste. Ingredients 5-6 taro root 1 onion Indian spices, salt... Continue Reading →

Corn-Capsicum Sabji!

I often get bored of cooking the same sabjis for lunch/dinner and am actively looking for variety in food. Recently I had corn-capsicum sabji in a restaurant and ventured to try my own version of it. In the restaurant, I believe it was more of a curry vegetable but I made it dry and it... Continue Reading →

Delicious French Macarons!

If you haven't already tried French Macarons from Target (Archer Farms), do yourself a favor and try them once, you will go back to get more! These macarons are the best I have had, delicious flavors that melt in your mouth and your hand automatically goes for another one! — Aditi Chopra is an author... Continue Reading →

Cheese Fondue!

After having eaten at Melting Pot, I fell in love with fondue especially cheese fondue. Of course I had to order my own fondue set so that I can enjoy this savory treat any time I want!     Although the fondue set comes with its own recipes, I wanted something close to what we... Continue Reading →

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Peach Delights!

My daughter recently informed me that August is the National Peach month and it so happened that in the last couple of weeks, I have tasted two magical peach food products worth talking about. I don't particularly eat peaches by themselves but I believe peaches add a very unique and subtle flavor in different types... Continue Reading →

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Baked Veggie Pasta!

Continuing with my search for new vegetarian pasta recipes, I found another one today that I tried. It turned out super delicious! The only change I made to the recipe was replace fontina cheese with gouda cheese since I couldn't find Fontina cheese in the grocery store. The spicy Arrabiata sauce from Whole Foods did... Continue Reading →

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Zucchini Alfredo Pasta!

I was quite bored of making the same old pasta with bottled sauces and really wanted to make something fresh and different. Ran across this recipe for Zucchini Alfredo pasta, tried it today and it turned out absolutely mouth-watering! I had to use two different pans, one for boiling pasta and the other to make... Continue Reading →

Laziz Baigan!

Eggplant can be made in several ways and they all turn out good. A friend of mine taught me this recipe and although it takes some time to cook, it comes out really rich and tasty. Ingredients Eggplant (Baigan), cut into thin slices. Chopped Onions, Tomatoes & Cilantro 1 tbsp yoghurt Use Cumin seeds, Kalonji,... Continue Reading →

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