Tips on Grant Writing

I have been volunteering as a Grant Writer for a few non-profit organizations; While each organization is different in terms of needs, the community it serves and operating budget etc., however some elements of grant writing are similar. Lets take a look at some of these important elements of writing a successful grant application. Keep... Continue Reading →

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5 Tips on writing nonfiction!

Nonfiction writing can seem daunting at times. Here are certain tips that you might find useful: First and foremost, ensure that you have a definite purpose for your book. There may be several books on the topic, therefore you need to make sure yours is unique and has something definite to offer to the readers.... Continue Reading →

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How important is POV?

Point-of-view (POV) plays a critical role when you are writing scenes for your novels. While several authors write their stories from first person point-of-view, that is not a style that I am comfortable with. I am okay with reading first person point-of-view stories but when I am writing, I find it easier to write in... Continue Reading →

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Amit Sharma’s take on revising manuscripts!

Welcome Amit to my blog! Could you please tell us, when you receive feedback on your manuscript, how do you go about revising/changing your story?  I am blessed with friends who are voracious readers and could be expected to give brutal and honest feedback. I give my first draft for alpha reading and get ready... Continue Reading →

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Interview with Pamela Fagan Hutchins!

Let's welcome best-selling author Pamela Fagan Hutchins and chit-chat with her about various aspects of writing!  Congratulations on your book release, Pamela! Please tell us what has been your most rewarding experience as an author? Recently, I’ve coached other novelists who have gone on to experience joy and success from their writing. While I have... Continue Reading →

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On Writing Series & Trilogy!

I have been asked several times during interviews about writing series, so I decided to write a post on it today. I have written both single-titles as well as series and there are pros and cons of writing both. For one, writing a series takes a whole of work ahead of time in planning different... Continue Reading →

Importance of Setting!

I don't know about other authors but I find setting of a book equally important as the characters in a story. A carefully selected setting can do wonders for a book. As a matter of fact, the same is true for a movie as well. One should think about the what and why before choosing... Continue Reading →

Dialogue vs. Narration

We have all heard of the "Show and don't tell" technique in fiction writing. It's easier said than done, though. As, I am starting to write my next story, I have to constantly remind myself to not let go of this very important technique. When you start to write a story, it is so much... Continue Reading →

Character development technique!

As authors, we have a lot of work to do before we start writing a story. From thinking of a concept to research to plotting and not to mention the most important task of characterization! Authors have different techniques of developing their characters. When I started writing fiction, I used to develop my characters in... Continue Reading →

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