Fiction Books

Aditi’s books range from contemporay romance to women’s fiction. You might see a glimpse of Bollywood in her stories and will definitely enjoy the emotional ride!

Aditi Face Book Time line

Lost In London is Author’s debut in fiction. This book is an exploration of finding and recognizing true love.

Senorita rani

Señorita Rani is a sweet romantic novelette  that explores cross-cultural relationships and will capture your heart.

 Find out how romance clashes with ambition in Desi Girl Trilogy.

12Mr. Imperfect series is a collection of three fascinating stories. It is now available on Amazon.

 A Painful Ordeal is dedicated to those who have had the courage to stand up against any wrongdoing, no matter how difficult the path was!

KS-3D Kismat Series exemplifies how destiny sometimes changes our lives and our carefully crafted plans. 


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