Leadership Books

Aditi is passionate about leadership concepts and has written various books on the subject.

Aditi’s best-selling leadership book reveals the skills and know-how that a leader needs to excel when he has little or no authority. This book has connected with readers in a very profound way! It is available as paperback, eBook and also on audio.

Aditi Chopra’s best-selling book on management is a must read for all managers in order to succeed in their leadership career. Aditi has managed both software engineering as well as software operation groups. Her experience comes from managing both junior as well as senior employees. This book is available in paperback, kindle and also on audio.

Excellent leaders are not afraid of a crisis, instead they look upon it as an opportunity for growth. In this book, Aditi discusses what it means to successfully lead under crisis in the corporate world.
This book is  available as eBook , paperback and audio.

Giving children the best environment in their impressionable age is a must in developing an effective leader within them. There are so many aspects of leadership that the sooner children start to comprehend that, the better leaders they will become.

This book is available as paperback and on kindle.



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