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Alia & Varun excel in Badrinath ki Dulhania!

Badrinath ki Dulhania‘s trailer might seem frivolous but the movie is surprisingly substantial as well as entertaining. A dose of feminism provided to us in a very light-hearted and entertaining way!

Alia Bhatt is amazing as usual. I believe that after her previous mind blowing performances, people expect great acting from her. But what amazes me how is she able to get into the skin of her character so effortlessly? She pretty much becomes the person that she is playing on screen and makes us root for her character. The surprise, however comes from Varun Dhawan. This is probably his best acting job so far! He is believable and endearing. As much as Alia is the hero of this film, you fall in love with Varun’s character. Well done!

Music is great especially the Tamma Tamma song and the title song. Other songs are melodious and visually appealing. Story has a wide appeal in terms of connectivity with the audience and dialogues are smartly written. There is ample humor in the first half and endearing emotions in the second half. Although the ending resolution seems a bit too easy, the movie overall is tightly edited and beautifully told.

Overall a great entertaining watch with a meaningful message.

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