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SRK shines in and as Raees!

Ever since Raees‘s trailer came out, it looked promising and the movie sure does deliver! Well directed and researched, it has a realistic flavor and boatload of acting talent! Very different from a typical Shah Rukh Khan movie.

I went with the assumption that Nawazuddin Siddiqui being such a fine actor will surely perform better than Shah Rukh Khan but I was pleasantly surprised. While Nawazuddin performs graciously, Shah Rukh Khan definitely shines in this acting oriented role. His demeanor and facial expressions were spot on and he looked the part. It kind of reminds you of his much talked about acting in Baazigar movie. Mahira Khan fitted her character and performed realistically.

Music is awesome, especially the Laila mein Laila song, the visuals and the striking music is too good to ignore! Other songs are fairly good as well.

Based on the realities of Gujarat state, this movie is gripping and story line is pretty strong. One could argue that the ending could have been a bit stronger but it doesn’t take away from the extremely well woven plot.

I’d say definitely a watch for Shah Rukh Khan‘s fans and those who like realistic cinema and good acting…

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